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Don’t let your investment in Splunk fall flat because your organization doesn’t have enough Splunk expertise on staff. Splunk Expertise on Demand (Splunk EoD) now fills the gap to answer your team’s daily questions and help them break through stubborn roadblocks.

Maximize your investment of time, money, and energy in Splunk!

Let Kinney Group help you maximize your investment in Splunk. We compliment Splunk’s traditional technical support services, while helping with projects that require less commitment than a full-blown professional services contract.

Get anytime, immediate access to our deep bench of Splunk experts with a subscription to Splunk Expertise on Demand.


Splunk Expertise on Demand (EoD)

Splunk EoD gives customers access to Splunk experts via a set amount of hours each month. Expertise on Demand provides customers with immediate access to expert assistance with, but not limited to:

  • Splunk dashboards, reports, data models, and custom use cases.
  • Best practices for design, implementation, and operation of Splunk—either on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Knowledge transfer of Splunk expertise to aid customer engineering teams for troubleshooting, advanced Q&A and other best practices.

Splunk EoD perfectly fits between professional services and technical support, complimenting both and enhancing the overall Splunk experience.


Splunk Power Pack

Tackle more time-consuming and complex challenges FAST with a Splunk Power Pack. Working in tandem with the Splunk EoD core offering, a Power Pack provides virtual engineering hours for advanced application of Splunk capabilities, such as:

  • Data ingest and visualization
  • Building and developing Splunk dashboards and reports
  • Datasource onboarding
  • Architecture support

With no project manager required, a prepaid Power Pack offers the quickest and easiest way to get ad-hoc Splunk projects done.

Expert Splunk Support. On Demand.

You invest money and manpower in Splunk to help you move forward. Unleash Splunk’s potential for your people, teams, and organization with Splunk EoD and Power Packs. To learn more about how Kinney Group’s Splunk certified professionals can serve you, please contact us.

About Kinney Group, Inc.

The Kinney Group team has the deepest bench of Splunk expertise in North America. Our team provides a comprehensive Splunk customer experience across multiple disciplines including Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), IT Services Intelligence (ITSI) and custom use cases in the areas of compliance, IoT, and machine learning. Kinney Group highlights include:


A Top Global Splunk Professional Services Practice


Splunk Elite Partner


Splunk Public Sector Services Partner of the Year*


300+ projects delivered nationwide and overseas


Splunk application development expertise

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